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Monthly Sales
L Brands May Sales Report Webcast (Available after 7:30 am on June 1st)
L Brands May Sales Release
May Sales Report Transcript
FY 2015 Adjusted to Include Direct Sales
Comparable Store Sales
L Brands hosts a monthly sales recording to recap the previous month's sales results. This listen-only recording is made available shortly after the results are announced via the wire services (approximately 7:30 a.m. Eastern) and is archived for seven days after the release. You may also access the replay by dialing 1-866-639-7583.
Quarterly Earnings
1Q 2017 Earnings Release
1Q 2017 Earnings Presentation
1Q 2017 Earnings Commentary
1Q 2017 Earnings Call and Webcast Information
Listen to Webcast (Available after 9:15 am on May 18)
L Brands hosts a live quarterly earnings web cast to recap the previous quarter's earnings results. You may also access the live conference call by dialing 1-866-363-4673. An archive of the broadcast will be available for seven days following the live call. You may also access the replay by dialing 1-866-639-7583.
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